We wanted to make the best beddings ever at the most affordable price, so you can get comfort that you won't lose sleep over.

Let us explain how we did it...



Microfiber is soft and long-lasting, thanks to durable fabric made from finely woven fibers. This also means your sheets will be lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for different types of weather.


Natural Cotton

We choose cotton because it's durable, breathable, soft and easy to care for. Natural cotton gets better with every wash, so you can enjoy your sheets for for a long time to come.


Long Fibers

Cotton comes in different lengths, the longer the fiber, the smoother and stronger the yarn it forms, which is why we have chosen long staple cotton. It also has fewer exposed ends making it softer then shorter-staple cotton.

Single-Ply Yarn

Everspread uses single-ply yarn because it products the finest and strongest threads. Multi-ply yarns are formed from weaker fibers twisted together to become stronger. This is typically used for lower-grade, shorter-staple cotton.

Fine Threads

To achieve the best comfort, we wanted your sheets to be light, smooth and soft, yet extremely durable. To achieve this our sheets use the finest threads spun from single-ply, long-staple cotton.

The Weave

Everspread Cotton Sheets comes in 2 different weaves: Percale or Sateen, both with a unique look and touch.